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Wickstead Farm


There are a number of livery options available within the yard - from DIY, Part Livery with assistance to Full Livery.

We try to accommodate everyone’s needs and are happy to discuss an arrangement to suit you and your pony or horse.

Our stables are a variety of American barn systems and traditional stone block, all spacious and airy with good lighting and storage for feeds. Tack rooms are provided with a fully maintained alarm system, security lighting, and CCTV.


Price list 

DIY Livery 

Part Livery - Favours basis 

Facilities Ticket 

Full Livery 

£195 PCM

DIY Rent + All favours charged for separately at the end of each month  

Available on request and to suit each individuals needs

£52.50 PCM 

Use of schools, tracks, walker and grass cross country plus maintenance. 

Reduced Facilities Ticket 

£25 - Maintenance only 

Please note: 

  • Livery Clients are required to pay a Facilities Ticket for the use of the facilities at Wickstead.

  •  Limited storage parking spaces for Wickstead livery Clients trailers and lorries are also available.

  • Wickstead HorsePlay is not part of the Facilities Ticket but can be booked separately via website.

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